Give the gift of song!

Lydia Lord

Welcome to Tuneful Tributes!

Welcome to Tuneful Tributes!

I'm Lydia Lord, songwriter and storyteller, and I'd like to help you tell your own special story . . . in a song! Whatever person or event you'd like to celebrate, I can help you take the celebration to a new level. Imagine the look on your loved one's face when the music starts, and you serenade him or her with a unique, original song!

Lydia Lord

What's the occasion?

Let's see. How about a birthday? Anniversary? Retirement? Graduation? Wedding? New baby? Mother's or Father's Day? Congratulations? Thanks? Love? All of these, and more, will be more memorable with a song written just for that special moment . . . that special person. Each song, both music and lyrics, will be completely original. You can decide if you want to sing it yourself, with the accompaniment on a CD, or have a CD with both music and lyrics. Either way, it's all yours!

Click on the links below to hear some samples of my work.



Amy's mom

"We had a birthday dinner for Amy here in Seattle and when it was all over we played her song. She just loved it. All of our guests thought it was wonderful. I am so very glad that I had you do this for her. You are very talented and I think you did a great job. I hope you get to do songs for lots of people."

A teenager on his high-school graduation song

"I will never forget that song. It was just amazing. It was . . . me."

A wife who gave her husband a song for his birthday

"Bill was reading the Sunday paper when I walked behind him and started the CD. He looked at me, rather confused, and then laughed and cried during the song. I gave him the lyrics and then he asked to hear it again. The last thing he said to me when we went to bed was a whispered 'Thank you for my song.' Best. Present. Ever!!"

A guest at Mark's memorial service

"Could not believe how you captured the essence of Mark in that song."

An Encore trouper on her birthday song

"I'm 70 years old, and I never expected to have a song written just for me!"

Joan's Sister

"Joan was absolutely thrilled. The party was wonderful!! Oh, that's right,

you don't know that I WENT!! Got on the train on Friday and got back

yesterday. A nephew of Joan's videotaped the song, so I'll share that with

you if I ever get a copy. And Joan just couldn't get over the song. She

loved it!!"