Give the gift of song!

Lydia Lord

How It Works

How It Works

First of all, there is no such thing as too much information! To write an original song for you, I need to know everything that's relevant to the subject of the song and the event being celebrated. I once wrote a song for an 80-year-old "Pioneer Grandmother of the Year". Her son wrote me a three-page description of her parents, childhood, adult life, and retirement, and every bit of it went into the song!

Here are some questions to get you started:

  • 1 What's the person's name? Nickname? Other special titles? (Nana, Sis, Pop, Boopsie, etc.)
  • 2 What's the event being celebrated?
  • 3 What's your relationship to this individual?
  • 4 What makes this person special? To you? To others?
  • 5 What does this person do for fun? For work/school?
  • 6 What is he/she passionate about?
  • 7 What are this person's favorite things? (foods, activities, pets, books, movies, musicians, relationships, etc.)
  • 8 Tell me some funny or interesting stories about this person. Ask others who may know stories you haven't heard!
  • 9 What do you like about this person? What do you find challenging?
  • 10 Does this person have a favorite musical style? Does the song need to be in that style?
  • 11 Other significant people or pets that should be included in the song?
  • 12 Anything else that comes to mind!

Once I have your information, I'll need a couple of weeks to put it all together. You can email me with additional thoughts, but if they mean a lot of revisions, that will take longer.

If you have already written a poem or song lyrics, email them to me and I'll set them to music. That sometimes requires a little editing, but I promise not to tinker with your words any more than I have to! If you want to sing the song yourself, I can make you a CD with two versions: a rehearsal cut with me singing to help you learn the song, and a performance cut with just the accompaniment.

Lydia Lord

Why Buy a Song?

Lydia Lord
  • . . . to surprise your special people with a song written just for them.
  • . . . to commemorate someone's achievements, adventures, awards.
  • . . .to thank someone for helping you out.
  • . . .to celebrate a birthday or anniversary in a unique, memorable way.
  • . . .to welcome a new baby and congratulate the parents.
  • . . .to make a wedding ceremony or reception unforgettable.
  • . . .to memorialize a loved one who has passed on.
  • . . .to gain a reputation as the best gift-giver ever!.

Price Schedule

$80.00: Send me your poem or lyrics. I'll write the music, record the song, and send you a CD and lyric sheet.

$150.00: A complete song, with original music and lyrics, based on the information you send me. CD and lyric sheet.

$250.00: The same complete song, with the addition of step-by-step revisions. I send you drafts of the lyrics and rough mixes of the music, and you tell me what needs tweaking.